The italian surrealism in tropical sauce (1999)

Guido Boletti, an artist from Milan, rooted now in Belo Horizonte, presents his latest artistic production at PIC-Cidade gallery. His acrylics are full of surrealist echoes, such as the series of the works in blue : symbols and marks in curves, lines, curves again. Finally lines: a metaphor for life.
Moreover, his painting builds up spontaneously, one stroke after another, colours and sizes just planned. His greatest references send back to the Italian avant-garde and to the Neo-Expressionism of the 80s. As per hot colours and sensuality, we can say he shares in the Italian Avant-garde, in tropical sauce .
There exists a tension in his painting, causing a break in the elaboration and resulting in unexpected events. Thus Boletti’s painting exists in polarity : organic/inorganic, rational/irrational, impulse/reflection. That’s where he can meet permanent figures of his painting as well as of his way.

MORGAN DA MOTTA | Journalist and Art Critic, Member of Brasilian Association and International Association of Art Critics ( ABCA-AICA)

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