Guido Boletti’s colors and music Giampiero Bruneli (2001)

In Guido Boletti’s paintings marks and colours merge as if in a party of sounds and light. Kandinsky and Mirò passed by leaving spots of their immortal genius this young artist collected and reinterpreted with autonomous poetry : on the canvas dream, reality and play run one after the other, as (if) in musical sequences, breaking down the wall of the dimensional limits of substance and space-time.And no wonder music is the starting point of Boletti’s artistic itinerary. Jazz has been, in particular, the device allowing his passage to painting (it’s always present, however, in the rhythm of all his works of art), thus guaranteeing that universal communicability only music can give. This inevitably reminds us of Kandinsky as well as of the Blaue Reiter current : the abstract is the best and most concrete attempt for painting to approach music.

”Music is abstraction” the painter says “but everybody takes it for granted while painting is much more difficult to be understood. Painting was born as a figurative art; that’s perhaps why it’s more difficult for the observer to get deeply in touch with the abstract.”.
”Art” Boletti goes on “is a form of non-verbal communication as is a good book or a figurative painting. My first aim is to catch the observer’s eye, who, I’m sure, carrying on looking at something he can’t completely understand, will at last succeed in detecting a message or a meaning far beyond that ensemble of forms and figures with no correspondence in the real world”.
Guido Boletti considers himself a real citizen of the world. He is often in Brazil, his second country, with his Brazilian wife and their two wonderful daughters. He himself says “In Brazil I feel at home. You can breathe a completely different air there and every time I come back to Italy I have a new source of vital energy to turn into my paintings.

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